Mar. 6, Recording Session at Steinway Gallery New York, USA

Apr. 11, Khachaturian Piano Concerto with Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra, URAGUAY


Jul. 1 - 7, Recital, Masterclasses & Jury at Piano Island Festival & competition, SINGAPORE

Jul. 7 - 14, Masterclasses, SINGAPORE

Aug. 9 - 17, Recitals & Masterclass at Myanmar Music Society, MYANMAR

Aug. 19, Director of Ke Wang Piano Recital, Bangkok, THAILAND


Aug. 22 - 26, Recital & Masterclass, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Oct. 27 - 28, Solo Recitals at Steinway Ottawa, CANADA


Oct. [Date TBA], Masterclass at Steinway Ottawa, CANADA


Nov. 23, Solo Recital, Montréal, CANADA

Dec. 8, Solo Recital at The Dysart Petersham, London, U.K. [DELAYED | DATE TBD in 2020]





Jan. 6 -10, Meeting on Project with Mr. Carl Vine, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Jan. 30, Solo Recital & Two Pianos with Armen Babakhanian at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, ARMENIA


Feb. [Date TBA], Recording Project for Steinway CANADA


Mar. 2, Rhapsody in Blue with Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra at Thailand Culture Center, Bangkok, THAILAND

Apr. [Date TBA], Concert & Royal Variety Event (Hyatt Grand Ball), Bangkok, THAILAND

Apr. [Date TBA], Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 with Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra at Teater Solís, Montevideo, URUGUAY 

May. 8, Chamber Music Concert with Gagia String Quartet at Seoul Arts Center IBK Hall, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

May. 29 - Jun. 6, Steinway Competition, THAILAND 

Jun. 20, Concert featuring Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 & Complete Chopin Preludes at Cité des Arts, RÉUNION ISLAND


Jul. 14 - 20, Artistic Director of Piano Island Festival and Competition, Bangkok, THAILAND

Jul. 27 - Aug. 8, Concert & Masterclasses at Music Festival Perugia, ITALY

Aug. [Date TBA], Recital & Masterclasses at Myanmar Music Society, MYANMAR

Aug. [Date TBA], RCM Reunion Concert featuring Poom Prommachart, Alexander Romanovsky, Dinara Klinton and  Ziliang Song at Esplanade Concert Hall, SINGAPORE

Aug. [Date TBA], Guest Pianist for Armen Babakhanian Piano Recital at Victoria Concert Hall, SINGAPORE

Aug. 27 - Sept. 1, Masterclasses & Lecture at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music, VIETNAM

Sept. [Date TBA], Recital & Music Festival in Gesmond, GERMANY


Oct. 8 - 9, Recital & Masterclass at Ueno Gakuen College of Music, Tokyo, JAPAN